Muskoka Flood 2023

100 year flood they said!  Seems to be the 4 year flood now; queue Mother Nature!  Many of you found me on Instagram or Facebook circa 2019 when my daily musings about flooding on social media became the most devastating of realities. Catch that recap here.  April 18, 2023 started the Day 1 count of […]

Muskoka Cottage Market 2023: What’s Ahead

Prime Muskoka waterfront is an anomaly in the world. Interest rates are rising and are higher than they were when money was “free” two years ago, but historically they are still very low. Demand is still strong, while the next few months will be a transitional period for buyers, by March, demand will intensify again.  Not […]

Muskoka Flood Facts 2022

It’s supposedly spring in Muskoka (forgetting about the brisk -22C outside this am!) and that means all sorts of goodness but for those of us who are particularly Lake Muskoka obsessed it rings the bell on yet another POTENTIAL flood season.  Many of you found me on Instagram or Facebook circa 2019 when my daily […]

What to do after this spring’s record flooding

Now what? After the record flooding this past spring, Canadian cottagers are reckoning with a new normal that means greater risk to their properties and less protection. This past spring, as historic flooding hit Central Ontario cottage country, Liz Beatty was grateful her great-grandparents built their Lake Muskoka cottage on high ground and situated the […]