Want to Renovate or Build in Muskoka?

Buying a property in Muskoka

Buying a property in Muskoka

Buying a property in Muskoka isn’t like buying a property almost anywhere else in the world.  Between the swing in temperatures from winter to summer to building on a rock shelf we’re tired of meeting clients at their new property after they’ve purchased only to be the bearer of bad news. It goes without saying, with the rising real estate prices in Muskoka, more are buying fixer-uppers of some caliber which means opening a can of costly worms.  It sucks for everyone involved and certainly doesn’t help kick off cottage life on the right foot.

What’s the solution?  A few hours with my RS Muskoka building team (who fix these issues day in and day out)!   They will walk through your entire property with you and not only give you a concrete list of issues but can ballpark expenses necessary to get the subject property to the state you so desire.  Whether you do it during or post-purchase is up to you, but rest assured you will sleep easy knowing you have seriously minimized the number of surprises this investment could have yielded without it.

Servicing Lake Muskoka – Gravenhurst, Torrance, Bala, Port Carling, Milford Bay, and Bracebridge. Islands Too.

Costs Dependent on Project.  Ask for a Consult And Book Here