The Beauty of Island Cottaging on Lake Muskoka

Three of the biggest islands on Lake Muskoka are Browning, Eileen Gowan and Miller Island. The properties on all of these islands vary in size, topography, views, and popularity. At the time of writing, there are 16 island properties (boat access only) on Lake Muskoka on the market, with the highest price being $17.5m, and the lowest $869k.

Things have never looked so good if you are looking for an island cottage on Lake Muskoka, as the market is allowing for more time to make your decisions. But don’t take your time, because this type of situation doesn’t last much past Thanksgiving! Islands are popular, and I know that I wax lyrical over and over again about how much I and my family have loved being islanders, but I continue to do so because I still get the overriding impression that so many are afraid to take the what many seem to think is the unknown world of getting to your cottage by boat. The added discount because they are on islands sweetens every deal though, and is truly something to bear in mind.

1 Bass Island carries the hefty price tag above for many reasons, not least being that it is not one but three separate lots, it is an entire island and it has just about every luxury one could imagine. But, this is clearly not for the average family, nor is it everyone’s cup of tea, nor price tag.

68 Birch Island is the other end of the spectrum, but is very typical of many more original island cottages on the lake. A place for the family to just get away from it all and to spend time together on the lake. Very few mod cons and perhaps more of a “getting back to basics”, but this also allows for a blank canvas to improve upon should you wish to.

As you can see from these 2 examples, island living varies incredibly, and if you are looking, there is much to see. Most of the remaining island properties on the market at this point in time range from between around $1m to around $3m and are all relatively similar types of properties, mostly without boathouses (but with the option to build one), and with 3 beds on average.

1384 Browning Island is one of my listings in this category at $2.375m with 5 beds as well as a two bed guest cabin with a gorgeous deck, full kitchen and three piece bathroom. It offers a stunning, sizeable and accessible space for a growing or extended family group and there is more than enough room for more should you want to expand. The shoreline also extends around the point and offers ample space for a two storey boathouse.

1146 Eileen Gowan is another island property which I have listed for $1,900.000 and you can see if you have a look at the link that the essential differences here at first glance are fewer bedrooms, and a bunkie rather than a guest cottage. Otherwise aesthetics and various other finer details have been taken into consideration, but this again is a great spot for a family. The two slip new dock is fantastic, and there is also plenty of potential for a new boathouse should you wish.

I am fully aware that island properties bring with them a lot of questions and perhaps worries, due to the unknown – but I have all the answers, and there are answers to pretty much all concerns, from emergency services to internet, so I will be happy to address any and all concerns!