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Hi I'm Kelly

I bring a unique approach to my work, driven in part by my focus on efficiency. “I’m time-starved, data driven, highly pragmatic and committed.” I’m also passionate about return on investment and driven by a desire to help. That stems in part from my unusual background. I had a corporate career in finance and sales, owned and operated two previous companies as well as a Muskoka building company that I own with my husband. All of my experiences have now intersected and its akin to a one-stop shop. While the focus might be buying and selling, the bonus is that there’s advice on building and renovations, who to contact to do them, and once it’s done, what your family is going to do for fun in July or February! 

My team, including Ashley Waites, has over 70 combined years of history on Lake Muskoka & Rosseau, not to mention lived on both island and mainland. Now calling different Muskoka towns home, being ‘All Muskoka All The Time’ provides immense value to our clients.