Why Work with Kelly?

My love for makeover-driven projects combined with a penchant for being insanely organised and always running super-lean with budgets and timelines, has earned me the title of “resolution specialist” in my own family.

My background in finance on Bay St. led me to the first of my entrepreneurial endeavours. My Toronto-based home staging company, Organized Outcomes, maximized returns on assets for 750+ households in six years. Then in 2010, long before online shopping was a reality, I saw the need to make not only the purchasing but also the shipping and delivery, of furniture to homes across Canada and the US nuisance free, thereby launching the e-commerce platform Remote Stylist.

I grew up in the country in a tiny one-stoplight town of Durham, ON. I then followed my fathers steps and spent my last year of high school at Neuchatel Junior College, in Switzerland before going west to the University of Victoria in B.C.  Spending my early career between Toronto and NYC, and being an early adopter of the Air Canada flight pass, no matter where I was in the world, the one place I have always considered home is ”Muskoka”. With each year that passed I could always be found between our Lake Muskoka cottages on Eileen Gowan Island and Walkers Point, both earlier and later in the season, than my cottage cohorts.

The move to Muskoka permanently in 2016 was a natural progression. It combined my diverse skill set in 8 distinctly different industries – design, real estate, project management, finance, furniture, retail, data, shipping and fulfilment – with my love for Muskoka and its deep-rooted history. 

Kelly Fallis, Muskoka Realtor

My husband Morgan and I launched building company RS Muskoka in 2016 and 2018 marked my foray into Real Estate.  The combination couldn’t be more perfect, in a place I truly cherish.

I am a member at Muskoka Bay Golf Club and a former board member of the Gravenhurst Chamber.  Mom to Hartley and dog Bleecker (Bleeks for short), I’ve also inadvertently become the impromptu flood reporter for Lake Muskoka.  

I love nothing more than meeting fellow Muskokans so if you happen to spot me or Bleeks at a marina near Eileen Gowan Island, or see a unique white newfie boat with the name Blossom around Lake Muskoka please say hello! 


Total Package

Rest assured that you will sleep easy. I will minimize the number of surprises this investment could yield. Getting the property is the first half of the battle; what happens on the other side to make it functional, feasible and fantastic for your family is what really matters. Some people would call that foresight, others a holistic approach. I simply call it prudent due diligence on a wise investment that if done properly, will likely yield many generations of family bonding, laughter and love for Muskoka. Who wouldn’t want those memories


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