Details of Expected Costs for Southern Muskoka

Recall me saying never did I know someone buying a new cottage that thought it was 100% perfect!

So renovation or rebuild ahead it likely is. And, whether you are new or old to Muskoka the education of options, requirements and providers is half the battle! Navigating how building permit fees goes in these parts isn’t as easy as you probably imagine however.

While I am a realtor, I’m also a builder and one of the most asked questions in South Muskoka is regarding permit fees.  Given that if you cottage on Lake Muskoka alone you will be in 3 different districts depending on where you are located its confusing.  At RS Muskoka we created a permitting snapshot (read birds overview) of the townships and their fees. I hope this helps you wrap your head around potential permit costs; if not reach out and ask me here.

Note: this is not the end all and be all AND we’re about to roll into new political term and with that comes new budgets so we can’t stress verifying facts and fees with your local building department to be safe. As we get updates we’ll keep it updated