Can You See The Potential in this Muskoka Cottage For Sale?

Fact: no matter what cottage you buy it’s highly likely that you’ll renovate at least some part of it to make it suit your lifestyle.

My value-add as a Muskoka realtor is my background in design, building, numbers and logistics. Not only can I spot potential from the minute I see the first picture from a listing but I can provide realistic expectations on how much the list of things that needs to be fixed, changed, upgraded as that is my everyday life with our building company RSMuskoka.

I certainly appreciate turn-key cottages are ALOT less stressful but the reality is you will pay for it, and greatly in the current market. I also appreciate that everyone is busy and while its one thing to renovate while you’re in the same location and can closely monitor things personally, doing a remote reno is a whole other game of cards. And yes, being a long time cottager before I moved to Muskoka permanently in 2016 I certainly know all too well how remote renovation scenarios have not worked out well. It goes without saying you need someone in the woods you can trust to partner with you on execution, but just as important is collecting as much info on the cost of renovating it to your taste BEFORE you make an offer.

All I see in this listing is immense potential for an awesome 4 season cottage.

1. It’s on the WP (walkers point) yes BUT the first road in from Hwy 169 so if you forget the milk its a quick lap back. Moreover, it’s EASILY accessible in the other 3 seasons which is key.

2. Its already got a 2 slip boathouse and an open slip which will be grandfathered so the fact its only 134ft of frontage is a mute point. I haven’t checked with the town but there’s a strong likelihood you could add a second story to that boathouse to have additional living space too.

3. It faces SW (read late morning -evening sun), has a gentle sloping lot and deep water. That trifecta is a major waterfront score that never happens.

4. The cottage itself doesn’t meet my own “pretty meter” but less carpet, white paint inside, dark grey paint outside and a new bathroom from the getgo you will survive your first summer and better understand your cottage flow and then be able to easily prioritize the order of future upgrades.

Know someone looking for a Muskoka cottage?

Tell them to reach out. This property went on the market late fall (hence the snow) but I have a hunch it will be scooped up come spring.

1188 Pine Needle Point Road, Lake Muskoka. 4 Bed | 2 Bath | 2 Story |3000Sq | Double Slip Boathouse | Listed at $1.295M | Listing Agent: Melissa Bradbury