Lake Muskoka Cottagers: Take action today!

As I mentioned in the evening news brief last night everyone needs to CHANNEL their disbelief and anger of the Lake Muskoka 2019 flood collectively and quickly.  The PC Government of Ontario MUST UPDATE the current watershed management plan they are working from so its in sync with climate change and the new normal.

Mega thanks to Martin Ford of Bala for creating this petition to request that the Progressive Conservative Government, “For the People of Ontario,” to implement three changes to the Muskoka Watershed Program.

Lake Muskoka Cottagers

Here’s what we’re asking for:

  1. Update the Muskoka Water Shed Management Plan that was enacted by the previous Liberal government with their green energy plan.  The current plan from 2006 was authored by the power generating companies with agreement from the Ministry of Energy and the MNRF.
  2. Leverage the elder local community members who understand the Muskoka watershed and who managed it for the last 100 years.  Let them be active participants in the development of this new Muskoka Watershed Management Plan.
  3. Give Control Back To Locals.  The Muskoka Watershed should NOT be controlled by bureaucrats or private companies. Prior to the 2006 Muskoka Watershed management plan, the water was managed by local resources and amazingly so – we had high water but no flooding!

Forward to your kids, parents, siblings …. every single person who calls YOUR Muskoka cottage THEIR Muskoka cottage too qualifies.  Owners, renters, visitors matter not – we all care!

Add your name to the petition here.