Spring 2022 Muskoka Gypsy Moth Spray

Payment in full must be received by January 31, 2022 to guarantee your spray. There is only so much spray so act promptly to secure it AND encourage your neighbours to subscribe as well.

Chris Hogue from Cottage Air has coordinated a solution to rid Muskoka of the Gypsy Moths this summer.  To secure your spot please fill out your property details below and your will receive an quote/invoice. 


  • Aerial certified organic spray by aircraft (late May/early June) during very early mornings when winds are calm and intervals to maximize effectiveness
  • Two treatments of Foray 48B btkt @ 1.6 L/ac
  • Environmentally and pet friendly; will not imbalance our precious ecosystem.   The chemical used would ONLY kill the larvae meaning that any bird, fish, plant or pet that might come into contact with or digest it would not suffer any adverse effects 

Rates (includes 2 sprays)

  • Under 2 acres: between $500 – $750
  • Over 2 acres:  based on a per acre basis of between $200 – $250 per acre.
  • Very large properties to be quoted
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