Want to Buy a Property in Muskoka?

Buying a property in Muskoka has its challenges – from the swing in temperatures (winter to summer), to difficulty building on a rock shelf! I am someone who has experienced living here, first as a cottager and then as a resident. In addition, I own a design-build firm, RS Muskoka, which means that I’ve seen many of the features or drawbacks you may be facing with your purchase or sale and can advise you on how to address or fix those issues firsthand. 

My 12 Step Buying Process


Initial Call


Set You Up On A Tailored Listings Feed


Set Buyer Representation* Agreement Electronically


Tour Properties firsthand (Island Tours on Lake Muskoka Possible with My Boat) 


Tweak The Search Accordingly & Hone In


Divulge All Knowledge of The Area & Give You The Facts


Assist in Obtaining Ballpark Quotes. Should Renovation or Building Matters Be Needed


Strategize Pricing


Negotiate a Successful Deal 


Guide You Painlessly Through All The Paperwork Required Electronically


Connect You With Whomever You Need Locally To Help Transform Your Property If Needed


Keep In Touch! I Want To Make Sure Everything Goes Smoothly After The Big Move

*A Buyer’s Representation Agreement protects a buyer so is in your best interest. By default, an agent is working on behalf of the listing broker, so the seller’s interest comes first. Anything a prospective buyer says to an un-contracted realtor therefore may be passed along to the seller. By signing a Buyer Representation Agreement with me you legally become my client and I am obligated to prioritize your interests. This agreement is simply a contract outlining the ground rules of the relationship between the real estate agent and a prospective buyer and commits a prospective buyer to working exclusively with a brokerage for a set period of time (maximum 6 months). This ultimately protects and benefits both parties and ensures that if a buyer makes a real estate purchase, I receive my commission for my role and time spent in making that happen.

“Kelly’s quick thinking and professionalism made purchasing our Muskoka cottage a stress-free and exciting process.”~ Susan B. 

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