Want to Buy Property in Muskoka?

Are you want to buy property in muskoka? I am someone who has experienced living here, first as a cottager and then as a resident. In addition, I own a design-build firm, RS Muskoka, which means that I can help you identify property benefits and potential concerns so you can make an informed decision on your next purchase. Below is my carefully planned out 12 steps for buying a property from our  listings, we take great care to ensure you’re getting the best deal, and that you’re getting all the information you need and a helping hand throughout the buying process.

My 12 Step of Buy Property in Muskoka Process


Initial Call


Set You Up On A Tailored Listings Feed


Set Buyer Representation* Agreement Electronically


Tour Properties firsthand (Island Tours on Lake Muskoka Possible with My Boat) 



Tweak The Search Accordingly & Hone In


Divulge All Knowledge of The Area & Give You The Facts


Assist in Obtaining Ballpark Quotes. Should Renovation or Building Matters Be Needed


Strategize Pricing


Negotiate a Successful Deal 


Guide You Painlessly Through All The Paperwork Required Electronically


Connect You With Whomever You Need Locally To Help Transform Your Property If Needed


Keep In Touch! I Want To Make Sure Everything Goes Smoothly After The Big Move

*A Buyer’s Representation Agreement protects a buyer so is in your best interest. By default, an agent is working on behalf of the listing broker, so the seller’s interest comes first. Anything a prospective buyer says to an un-contracted realtor therefore may be passed along to the seller. By signing a Buyer Representation Agreement with me you legally become my client and I am obligated to prioritize your interests. This agreement is simply a contract outlining the ground rules of the relationship between the real estate agent and a prospective buyer and commits a prospective buyer to working exclusively with a brokerage for a set period of time (maximum 6 months). This ultimately protects and benefits both parties and ensures that if a buyer makes a real estate purchase, I receive my commission for my role and time spent in making that happen.

“Kelly’s quick thinking and professionalism made purchasing our Muskoka cottage a stress-free and exciting process.”~ Susan B. 

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