Bracebridge, the Muskoka Town with a Big Personality

Bracebridge is benefitting from all the Muskoka hype! This small Muskoka town has seen growth in so many areas over the past five years, but particularly since the pandemic. The result of the influx of interest in Muskoka, is growth in population, tourists, and therefore opportunity for many new entrepreneurial businesses from bagel bakery, to butchers, to restaurants, services etc.

As the pandemic took hold of the world, many began to see the possibility of working remotely and getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The best option for many was living in an urban area, in the countryside, within a reasonable driving time to city centres, but with enough amenities to live and have a new lifestyle which didn’t include traffic, small backyards, and a constant frantic pace of life.

Bracebridge ticks all of these boxes and more, and has evolved into much more than the summer tourist town, and quiet small winter town it had been for years. With the state of the art new high school (BMLSS), which included a new Sportsplex facility with a swimming pool, gymnastics club, gym, indoor track, and much more the town was off to a flying start back in 2006. However, the leaps and bounds seen over recent years have made the idea of making Bracebridge your home a very attractive prospect.

Apart from its location, and the incredible waterfalls upon which it is built, the “Hallmark” Jubilee Park (next to the family run movie theatre) with it’s classic white band stand, and skating rink in winter, farmers’ market on Saturdays in summer, Bracebridge now has so much more to offer to discerning new residents.

The obvious result of all of this was the classic peak in real estate prices during the pandemic. However, we are seeing a cooling off from the crazy prices and bidding wars, and life is moving back to a more sensible real estate pace, which offers many more the chance to grab a piece of this new lifestyle.